AHP Provides Consistent Supply and Access to Needed Cold & Flu Therapies


Cold and flu season this year has already been severe, with experts predicting that the season may reach its peak in the coming month. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there has been a sharp rise in the reporting of flu-like cases over the past two weeks. More people are getting sick. Health systems with demand for necessary cold and flu therapies may find themselves questioning their ability to source necessary treatments for their caregivers because of this.


As the season goes on and admissions rise, customers can rely on American Health Packaging to provide consistent supply and prompt access to popular therapies in convenient unit dose packaging. AHP serves customers through a variety of channels with portfolio access across all major GPOs and a broad line of awards.


Many popular cold and flu treatments help to make up our industry leading portfolio. To access a list, along with corresponding item numbers across major industry wholesalers, click the link to our companion piece below.


American Health Packaging’s portfolio consists of nearly 550 products across all major therapeutic classes and product groups. As the leader in providing barcoded unit dose to health systems nationwide, our product safety and quality processes ensure that the right patient receives the right dose of the correct treatment – at the right time.

It’s Cold and Flu Season!

Rely on AHP to provide these high-demand seasonal unit dose products. Our diverse portfolio meets a variety of therapy needs.

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