For Manufacturers

Industry veterans lead our manufacturing and quality departments. State-of-the-art packaging lines include bottle packaging, blister packaging, carding, cartoning and kit assembly. Modern equipment performs equally well for both short runs with quick changeovers or larger, high volumes jobs. We are licensed to package schedules CII-V.

Package Design & Development

Catering to the needs of the pharmaceutical marketplace, our packaging engineers design and develop custom packages to satisfy many customer needs, from sample blister packages for manufacturers to consumer friendly compliance packages.


American Health Packaging is actively engaged in industry wide track and trace developments including pedigree, unique serialization and RFID. We are capable of including these and other anti-counterfeiting features on labeling. Contact us for more details.

Bottle Packaging

High speed packaging of oral solids including capsules, tablets and gel caps in a wide range of bottle sizes.

Blister Packaging

Facilitate the reduction of medication errors through the use of automated thermoforming or cold formed blisters. We have on-line printing capabilities and can utilize a variety of film and foil combination.

Ready-to-Dispense Pouching

Applicable in automated dispensing technologies and bedside scanning with NDC,the bar code includes lot and expiration date information. Facilitates a reduction of on-hand inventory and maximizes efficiency within the pharmacy and at the bedside.


Carding capabilities include a variety of packaging types including punch cards, consumer friendly compliance packaging and sample packaging.