Liquid Unit Dose

American Health Packaging is pleased to announce our new line of Liquid Unit Dose cups


We hear from customers time and time again that they prefer to avoid cumbersome in-house packaging tasks. For unit dose liquids, these are expensive and time consuming.


In this spirit, AHP recently launched Liquid Unit Dose cups; oral solutions that allow hospital pharmacies to be more efficient with internal resources. With many the same product features as our oral solid products – including “tall man” lettering and color-coded labels to distinguish between similar products – Liquid Unit Dose leverages our reputation for superior quality. Thicker gauge LUD cups and custom designed storage trays are designed to use limited pharmacy storage space efficiently.


At the core of our business is the realization that there is a patient depending on us to “get it right” with each dose administered. Liquid Unit Dose supports hospitals and LTC facilities in caring for their patients with quality products which promote positive health outcomes. Our first launches include Levetiracetam Oral Solutions, Ranitidine Syrup, and Theophylline Oral Solution cups.

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Product Results For Liquid Unit Dose
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ABC # Cardinal
Health #
Dickson #
Smith #
NDC11 # GTIN Product
Unit Strength Cup Delivers Cup Strength Pack Size
10211921 5517206 584466   60687-0244-77 00360687244402 FLUOXETINE SOL 20mg/5mL 5mL 20mg/5mL 5mL 20MG/5mL 40ct
10188404   363275 5725635 60687-0244-67 00360687244402 FLUOXETINE SOL 20MG/5mL 5mL 20mg/5mL 5mL 20MG/5mL 50ct
10183100 5430343 238550 5711205 60687-0249-67 00360687249407 LEVETIRACETAM SOLUTION 100mg/mL 5mL 100mg/mL 5mL 100mg/mL 50ct
10210354 5512413 568063   60687-0252-86 00360687252407 ONDANSETRON SOL 4mg/5mL 5mL 4mg/5mL 5mL 4mg/5mL 30ct
10209414 5508114 560649   60687-0275-66 00360687275628 PHENYTOIN ORAL SUS 100mg/4mL 4mL 125mg/5mL 4mL 100mg/4mL 50ct
10211558 5515705 575878   60687-0341-58 00360687341446 POTASSIUM CHL SOL 20mEq/15mL 20mEq/15mL 15mL 20mEq/15mL 30ct
10212031   584904   60687-0341-64 00360687341446 POTASSIUM CHL SOL 20mEq/15mL 20mEq/15mL 15mL 20mEq/15mL 40ct
10211557 5515713 575894   60687-0341-07 00360687341446 POTASSIUM CHL SOL 20mEq/15mL 20mEq/15mL 15mL 20mEq/15mL 80ct
10191061 5486220 321570 5742267 60687-0341-71 00360687341446 POTASSIUM CHL SOL 20mEq/15mL 15mL 20mEq/15mL 15mL 20mEq/15mL 50ct
10191066 5487574 465344   60687-0341-72 00360687341453 POTASSIUM CHL SOL 40mEq/30mL 30mL 20mEq/15mL 30mL 40mEq/30mL 50ct
10182932 5427489 231142   60687-0260-69 00360687260426 RANITIDINE SYRUP 15MG/mL 10mL 15mg/mL: 10mL 15mg/mL 50ct
10182920 5427497 231159   60687-0258-71 00360687258447 THEOPHYLLINE SOLUTION 80MG/15mL 15mL 80mg/15mL 15mL 80mg/15mL 50ct