USP General Chapter <800> and the Benefits of Manufactured Unit Dose Medications Over Repackaging

March 2019

American Health Packaging offers a wide selection of antineoplastic and hazardous drugs as part of our industry-leading portfolio of unit dose products.



Rethink: Unit Dose Product Acquisition – The Hidden Value of Commercially Available Unit Dose Products

February 2019

Unit dose (UD) medications are an essential part of drug distribution and control in health systems. They enhance patient safety and streamlining pharmacy operations.



New Liquid Unit Dose from AHP – Phenytoin Oral Suspension, USP

January 2019

The newest addition to our growing unit dose liquid formulary – AHP is pleased to offer another LUD product to improve ease-of-operations and convenience in your pharmacy.



Potassium Chloride Oral Solution, USP 10% - KCl Liquid Unit Dose from AHP

December 2018

Continuing to deliver on our commitment to patient safety – AHP recently added Potassium Chloride to our Liquid Unit Dose portfolio in both a 15mL and 30mL cup delivery format.



Introducing New Redesigned Labels for Our Unit Dose Oral Solids

October 2018

Our customers asked – and we delivered. Following many customer conversations and thorough research, AHP is pleased to introduce new redesigned labels for nearly 500 of our unit dose oral solids products!



New Unit Dose for Pharmacy – Ritonavir & Tenofovir DF Tablets

August 2018

American Health Packaging supports pharmacy and health systems operations with a comprehensive line of unit dose products. Our portfolio includes a variety of antiviral treatments - many of which have been requested from our customers.



Fluoxetine Oral Solution – The newest addition to our line of Liquid Unit Dose cups

July 2018

Hospitals rely on unit dose medications to provide safety for their patients while increasing efficiency in pharmacy operations. This allows staff to focus on their core competency – patient care – instead of repackaging tasks. 



Commercially Available Unit Dose Products: Enhancing Access to Treatments and Promoting Pharmacy Efficiency

June 2018

While unit dose products improve patient safety, lower costs, reduce waste and streamline operations, many suppliers are making fewer treatments available. However, health system pharmacies still have options for acquiring them. But which is best?



Rosuvastatin Calcium Tablets are In-Stock and Ready to be Ordered

April 2018

American Health Packaging’s unit dose portfolio expands to include Rosuvastatin Calcium Tablets. Compare to Crestor®, our 3 SKUs join our continuously evolving line of products.



AHP Provides Consistent Supply and Access to Needed Cold & Flu Therapies

January 2018

The breadth of our barcoded unit dose portfolio means that AHP can provide access to a variety of seasonal treatments. Broad access through major wholesalers and partner GPOs allows for prompt procurement and timely patient care.



Case Study: Unit Dose Promotes Safe and Efficient Drug Administration

August 2017

Pre-packaged barcoded unit dose products help health systems every day as they strive to be more efficient. This case study explores how AHP unit dose products aided a health system in addressing patient care initiatives - boosting safety while simultaneously reducing waste.



American Health Packaging Launches New Unit Dose Products

March 2016

The leader in barcoded unit dose products, AHP introduces oral solids that meet the demands of hospital and long-term care pharmacies.



Packaging Success

January 2016

An exploration into How prepackaged unit dose medications increase safety and efficiency for America’s hospitals while lowering risk and costs.



Complying with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act

August 2015

Unit dose packaging features such as a back panel scanning window, GS1 compliant barcodes, and serialization facilitate adherence to Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DCSCA) guidance and deadlines.