Complying with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act


The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) deadline for serializing drug products is 2017 for manufacturers and 2018 for repackagers. To comply, American Health Packaging has adopted GS1 standards and HDMA Barcode Implementation Guidelines.


Our packaging is not only in compliance ahead of the DSCSA deadline, but it’s designed to make it easier for you to use and dispense. For added safety, color-coded labels and tall man lettering distinguish between similar products within a family.


Plus, our packages include a window in the back for easier barcode scanning—so you can receive and stock pharmaceutical products faster.


Download the attached reference guide for a breakdown of DSCSA compliance – and learn how AHP products support complete electronic traceability systems.

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Unit dose packaging features such as a back panel scanning window, GS1 compliant barcodes, and serialization facilitate adherence to Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DCSCA) guidance and deadlines.

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