Fluoxetine Oral Solution – The newest addition to our line of Liquid Unit Dose cups


Hospitals rely on unit dose medications to provide safety for their patients while increasing efficiency in pharmacy operations. This allows staff to focus on their core competency — patient care — instead of repackaging tasks. Unit dose manufacturers such as American Health Packaging also provide benefits over packaging in-house or working with a third party repackager in terms of convenience, service time, and consistent access to treatment supply.


In 2017, AHP introduced Liquid Unit Dose cups. A proprietary offering, these unit dose oral solutions feature the same safety benefits of our oral solids products in convenient, right-sized liquid cartons and trays. With a growing formulary of products, we are excited about this new offering.


We are pleased to introduce the newest addition to Liquid Unit Dose — Fluoxetine Oral Solution!


Product Description Unit
Pack Size NDC
Fluoxetine Oral Solution, USP 20mg/5mg 5mL 20mg/5mL 50 cups 60687-0244-67


Liquid Unit Dose oral solutions feature many similar characteristics to our oral solids products, as well as unique features requested by our customers in our unit dose packaging.


  • Pull-tab label for ease of opening and administering product
  • Thicker gauge cup with excellent label seal integrity to avoid costly damage and clean up
  • Differentiated labels utilizing “tall man” lettering provide visual guidance to distinguish between sound-alike, look-alike drugs
  • LUD cup and storage trays designed for limited pharmacy storage space


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Liquid Unit Dose provides additional benefits for hospital pharmacy and long-term care

AHP’s oral liquids are stocked by industry wholesalers and awarded by our GPO partners. Because of this, we are likely able to service your facility. With the broadest UD portfolio in the industry, we are able to secure consistent supply of our liquid products for your patients.