We are the leading manufacturer of serialized, barcoded unit-dose products.

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A hand scanning a barcode on an American Health Packaging barcode

Broad access. Consistent supply.  Barcodes that scan correctly. 

A hand scanning a barcode on an American Health Packaging barcode
You want to focus on supporting the highest quality of bedside care. To do that, you need access to a broad range of medications in barcoded unit-dose format. American Health Packaging provides exactly that. We are a manufacturer of serialized, barcoded unit-dose products. Our oral solids and liquids allow you to free up internal resources while avoiding cumbersome in-house repackaging tasks. Our diverse unit-dose offering ensures caregivers are hitting the mark with quality, BCMA-compliant medications that scan correctly at bedside.
A hand scanning a barcode on an American Health Packaging barcode

An evolving formulary of unit-dose medications

Hospital Unit Dose

Featuring frequently dispensed unit-dose oral solids products barcoded to dose level, our comprehensive line facilitates bedside scanning. Stability tested for extended shelf life, our products feature labels designed for readability to make dispensing even safer.

Unit Dose PlusTM

Our Unit Dose PlusTM line provides the same safety and efficiency benefits of Hospital Unit Dose featuring difficult-to-find unit-dose products in right-sized packaging to mitigate waste and lower returns.

Liquid Unit Dose

Providing many of the same benefits as our oral solids products, Liquid Unit Dose cups feature oral solutions and suspensions designed for ease and convenience. Thick gauge cups with excellent label integrity aid in avoiding costly damage and cleanup.

Unit Dose Inhalant

Our inhalation solutions feature individually-wrapped vials and pouches barcoded to the dose level. This configuration is designed to help pharmacies avoid instances where opening a multipack to retrieve one vial traditionally results in the disposal of unused units.
Nothing is better than having medications ready to go. Pre-packed and unit dosed in blister packs safe and verified. Patients don't have to wait for meds any longer. And patient safety and satisfaction is the ultimate goal. American Health Packaging makes this happen every day.

Carlos Somarriba, Pharmacy buyer, University of Miami Health System

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Featured unit-dose products

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Unit Dose Inhalant

Consider these four new inhalation solutions

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