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Quality barcoded products that hit the mark

Our unit dose simplifies one of the most complex parts of your job—reliably obtaining needed treatments—while promoting positive outcomes for your patients. We are a leading manufacturer of serialized, barcoded unit dose products for hospital, institutional and long-term care.
Nurse caring for child at bedside

Supporting improved focus on patient care

Nurse caring for child at bedside
Safety, efficiency and compliance are critical to pharmacy staff and caregivers as they seek to facilitate positive patient outcomes. In meeting their objectives, hospital, institutional and long-term care pharmacies need quality barcoded medications to scan at bedside. AHP unit dose plays a key role in optimizing medication supply strategies. Our broad portfolio supports critical needs for pharmacies and provides key benefits for customers and patients alike.
Nurse caring for child at bedside

Benefits at pharmacy and bedside

Liability Management

Pharmacy repackaging operations can be subject to distractions from a variety of sources. An active pharmacy environment can encourage lapses in concentration and present opportunities for staff error. Since these errors may vary in gravity and place liability on the facility and caregivers, mitigation of risk is key. Ordering from us can help ensure you receive safe, reliable product and shift potentially damaging liability burdens away from your staff.

Cost Savings

Facilities that repackage on site are subject to direct costs associated with hosting operations. These include expenses related to repackaging supplies, capital equipment and paying highly trained professionals to perform, manage and support non-core work. Our unit dose helps minimize these direct costs while addressing potential expenses associated with in-house repackaging errors. 

Patient Safety

Ensuring the right medication is given to the right patient at the right time—and at the right strength—is imperative. As facilities compete to demonstrate they provide the highest quality care, you can assist your caregivers by providing them as many products in unit-dose format as possible. Our portfolio provides access to a broad range of unit-dose products and helps ensure safe medication delivery for patients through accurate packaging and barcodes that scan correctly as intended.

Pharmacy Efficiency

You strive to process orders efficiently and supply medication as quickly as possible. Managing a complex in-house repackaging chain slows down this process. It also distances clinicians from their core patient care competencies. We're committed to providing a portfolio containing both high-demand and difficult-to-find unit-dose products designed to meet your needs. These items arrive at your pharmacy ready to dispense. Our broad offering closes the gap between what caregivers need to dispense at the patient bedside and what is available on the market in prepackaged unit dose.

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