Understanding Unit-Dose Medication Barcode Scanning and AHP Blister Labeling Conventions

By American Health Packaging

AHP provides pharmacies with the largest catalog of barcoded unit-dose oral solids in the industry. Though our barcodes are intentionally designed with the end-user in mind, facilities may occasionally encounter unique issues that hinder successful scan results. Our Barcode Scanning Guide helps customers troubleshoot and identify the source of the issue.
American Health Packaging unit-dose product packaging is designed to support pharmacy and bedside care with features that enable prompt and accurate scanning. Unit-dose blister packaging not only requires quality components to ensure medications maintain their integrity, but also quality printing to ensure product information can be accurately read, scanned, and administered to the patient.
Our Barcode Scanning Guide was created to aid our customers during the troubleshooting process to quickly identify the cause of an unsuccessful barcode scan and then provide a direction for resolution. While our barcodes are produced with the utmost quality and care, unique situations arise where a facility experiences a scanning issue.
The PDF featured on this page provides a “process of elimination” evaluation using key areas to determine what could be the source of the issue, and explains AHP’s use of the GS1 Databar Limited and 2D microPDF barcode so that system compatibility may be determined. Other topics explored include the role of Global Trade Identification Numbers (GTIN) in blister labeling and the difference between an NDC Labeler Code and AHP ID Prefix.
AHP recognizes that there are instances where barcoding issues are unique and require special attention. For example, you may receive a product with a packaging defect including barcode smearing, smudges, fading, or misprinting. If this occurs, contact our customer care team.
Our free Barcode Scanning Guide can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking the link here. The document is also included in the back pages of our PDF product catalog.
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