January 1, 2019

New Liquid Unit Dose from AHP – Phenytoin Oral Suspension, USP

The newest addition to our growing unit dose liquid formulary – AHP is pleased to offer another LUD product to improve ease-of-operations and convenience in your pharmacy.

The newest addition to Liquid Unit Dose - Phenytoin Oral Suspension, USP – is now in stock and ready to be ordered from partner GPOs and wholesalers. Following the introduction of two Potassium Chloride Oral Solutions products last month, this marks the third recent addition to our growing formulary of LUD treatments. This Liquid Unit Dose product features benefits synonymous with AHP UD, including bar codes containing NDC, Lot Number, and Expiration information. This UD item features a single drug-dose delivery format in a non-reusable format – as with the totality of our portfolio.

Product description: Phenytoin Oral Suspension, USP

Unit strength: 125mg/5mL

Cup delivery: 4mL

Cup strength: 100mg/4mL

Pack size: 50 cups

NDC: 60687-0275-66

Packaging oral liquids in-house can be a cumbersome process. Not only does staff need to set aside time for repackaging labor – lessening the attention they can devote to patient consulting and care – but the risk of spills means that internalizing the task is likely to result in mess and waste. AHP manufactures quality oral liquid unit dose in-house to provide you with quality UD while allowing you to avoid inconvenience. Broad access and consistent supply of these products means that treatments are readily available – facilitating efficient bedside scanning while providing peace-of-mind for pharmacy staff and caregivers.

Download the flyer below for wholesaler item numbers and product information. AHP UD is available from partner GPOs and wholesalers.