New Unit Dose for Pharmacy – Ritonavir & Tenofovir DF Tablets

August 1, 2018

American Health Packaging supports pharmacy and health systems operations with a comprehensive line of unit dose products. Our portfolio includes a variety of antiviral treatments - many of which have been requested from our customers.
New to our pharmacy Unit Dose Plus™ portfolio are Ritonavir 100mg 30UD Tablets (compare to Norvir®) and Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate 300mg 30UD Tablets (compare to Viread®). These oral solids are available to customers from partner group purchasing organizations and industry wholesalers.  


Product description: Ritonavir Tablet

Unit strength: 100mg

Cup delivery: 30UD

NDC: 60687-0364-25

Compare to: Norvir®

OB rating: AB


Product description: Tenofovir DF Tablet

Unit strength: 300mg

Cup delivery: 30UD

NDC: 60687-0366-25

Compare to: Viread®

OB rating: AB


As health systems are tasked with supporting proper adherence of bar code medication administration (BCMA) guidelines, stocking inpatient pharmacy with unit dose from a trusted supplier – such as AHP – means that barcodes are more likely to scan correctly. This ensures compliance for staff while facilitating positive outcomes for patients.

Unit Dose Plus™ supports pharmacy with nearly 100 lower-count size, niche UD treatments. Our right sized cartons allow hospitals to access the products they need while reducing waste and promoting cost savings.

American Health Packaging distribution facility has been awarded VAWD accreditation.

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